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Home location

Du to antenna restrictions I am not very active from home. If, I use the portable equipment in the backyard.

Remote location

Yenbox (TS480SAT) remotely controlled over the internet.


Full-size, off-center fed double dipole abt. 10m over ground for all bands from 80-10.


10m (33ft) fiber mast or experimatal dipole/vertical (Buddipole) with one of those transceivers:

Heathkit HW9

Elecraft K1
Elecraft K2 with all options
Elecraft KX1 80/40/30/20

Ten-Tec Argonaut II

Currently in repair:

Drake 4C-Line (R4C with Tube Mixer, 600Hz roofing filter, 250Hz, 125Hz CW filters, T4XC)


Hosted by myself