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Remote radio location

As I have restricted antenna conditions I built a remotely controlled station.

I have the occasion to access a large garden not far away (10km or 6mls) with an internet access point in a building. The antenna is a off-center-fed double dipole antenna, resonant on 80/40/20/17/12/10 and on 60/30/15. The antenna hangs at least 10m (33ft) above ground. The resonance frequencies are not always on the best frequency, but in the band and therefore adjustable with the internal tuner of the TS-480.

The radio is controlled from the radio's front panel over a pair of RemoteRig RRC-1258 MKII.

To have full control, the power supply of the whole rig is switched with a network controlled power outlet strip. To prevent damage to the building, that may be caused by a fire, the whole rig is enclosed in an electric cabinet made of steel.

The local networks are connected through a VPN. 


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