Radio-Aktiv seit 1980

Since 1980 I am radio-active. I started with a (former) novice license as DG1PQ and upgraded to DF4WX in 1983. Today, both licences are class A licences.

During holiday stays on Malta I usually activate 9H3ND. On the "beach" conditions for low power QSOs ar usually good in direction to Europe and Asia.

From 2007 to 2015 a had a secondary residence in Vienna. As CEPT licences are only sufficient for temporary acitivity, I applied for an Austrian call sign, the authority assigned OE1EES. I gave that call up when I left Vienna.

As a amateur radio trainer I own a callsign for trainees: DN6CC. I am not allowed to use that callsign by myself, but trainees use it under (my) supervision.

Focus of interest

QRP was always of great interest to me. Reaching friends all over the world with minimal effort was a challenge from the beginning. A part of my current rig reflects that: Heathkit HW9 with WARC extension, Ten-Tec Argonaut II, Elecraft K1, Elecraft KX1 and a currently unbuilt Elecraft K2 point the direction.

To be successful with QRP one has to use efficient modes. The most efficient way is using telegraphy (CW). The microphones I own are either unpacked (if delivered with a new transceiver) or collecting dust (if they were accessories to some used equipment). I prefer a bug, a iambic keyer or a solid hand key.  My collection consists of own some Vibroplex bugs and a 1960 Junker bug (which is a copy of the Lionel J36 that was produced under Vibroplex licence during WWII), a Bencher and a Schurr paddle and a Junker hand key.

Electronics and Homebrewing is obviously (see my transcievers) one of my focuses, as most of my transceivers are homemade and built from kits. Accessories, digital gadgets and AF items are mostly own creations. I did not count, but I should have placed some 100000 soldering points since the early beginning...